Whitewater Spray Deck Coaming スプレーデッキコーミング用パイプ 【Alpacka Raft】

¥3,570¥4,200 (+税)

We are now selling one continuous piece of Pex in 98″ as replacement coaming for all models of whitewater spray decks. If you are purchasing this replacement coaming for a Gnu, or a 2016 or earlier whitewater deck you will need to cut your Pex down to fit your deck. See below for lengths.


Product price: ¥3,570 (+税)
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Historically we had several different whitewater spray deck coaming replacement options depending on your model and year. Moving forward we are offering one continuous length of Pex combing in 98″ that you may cut down to size, if needed. All nylon shrinks with use (your WW deck material) and the pex coaming is meant to be trimmed down if it becomes to tight for your spray deck. If you lose your coaming or cut it too far, you can get a replacement from us or go to any hardware store and purchase 1/4-inch I.D. pex pipe.


  • The 98″ length will work on ALL 2017 whitewater spray decks (including the Alpackalypse) except the Gnu.
  • ALL Gnu whitewater spray decks (including 2017 models) should be cut to ~93.5″
  • 2016 and prior models of the Alpackalypse should be cut to ~96″
  • 2016 and prior models of the whitewater deck on Alpaca, Yak, Llama & Mules should be cut to ~92″