Thigh Strap サイストラップ 【Alpacka Raft】

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Add comfort, performance, and control to your Alpacka Raft with our backband and/or thigh strap kits. Please read the descriptions below as we have several options available depending on your paddling experience and needs.



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Upgrade the comfort and performance of your packraft with a backband and our patented 4-point thigh straps. Our custom foam backband is the weighs only 7.2oz (200g) and is specifically designed for packrafts. Our patented 4-point thigh straps offer significantly better control, comfort, and rolling ability than a standard 2-point thigh strap and are the lightest and most compact thigh straps available. Please read the descriptions below carefully as we have several different options depending on your boat setup and paddling needs:


  • Option 3 – Thigh Straps (For Boats with Preinstalled 4-point Attachments and Backband) – Our 4-point thigh straps are compatible with all 2016 Alpacka Series Self Bailing models and all 2017 and later Whitewater Series models.  The straps come standard on all 2107 and later Whitewater Series Models, so you should only purchase these if you lost your set or want a spare. If you do not have one of these models, you will need to select the ‘Thigh Strap with Attachment Kit’ (Option 4) or ‘Backband and Thigh Straps with Attachment Kit’ (Option 6) which include self install attachment points. Please tell us in your order notes which model you are buying these for so that we can make sure to give you the correct buckles.


WARNING – Installing thigh straps in your packraft has the potential risk of serious injury and death, including but not limited to impairing your ability to exit the packraft in the event of a capsize. Consult and follow all precautions and warnings in the Alpacka Raft Owner’s Manual and Safety Warning prior to beginning your packrafting adventures.